Donations to Mended Hearts Chapter 62

Chapter 62 is a non-profit, all volunteer organization that relies on a portion of the membership dues to continue our local operations. Our primary funding outlay is in the preparation, duplication and mailing of our monthly newsletter. We typically send out 400 to 500 copies of our newsletter each month to members and for two/three months to non-members we’ve visited in the 10 hospitals we serve in San Diego County. We encourage our members and our visitors to receive the newsletter via email but the bulk of our recipients prefer getting it via the mail. Postage, supplies and duplication are quite costly on a yearly basis.

We do accept personal and corporate donations to help cover these expenses. If you are interested in supporting our mission please write your check to Mended Hearts Chapter 62 and mail to:

Mended Hearts, Inc Chapter 62
C/O American Heart Association
9404 Genesee Ave Suite 240
La Jolla, CA 92037

Thank you for your consideration.